Takeout message from the meeting with experts from industry and academia

A quantum processor

Blunt or brilliant?

Observations that are ‘picking holes’ in the Big Bang theory

How do we know that the Big Bang theory we have today can’t be completely right?

Origin of color in metals

The color of metals

What was so exciting that the Nobel prize for gravitational waves was postponed?

A donut and a mug are two topologically indistinguishable objects.

Three types of tasks in which Quantum Computers outperform the classical ones.

Easy problems for classical and quantum computers

Nobel Prize winner, imprisoned for political activism, best known for his books covering the entirety of theoretical physics


Incomplete calculations or new unseen physics?

Greek letter mu, a symbol denoting the muon.

How theoretically strong is the Standard Model? What does this discrepancy mean?

Besides no one separated them, there is no theoretical reason why not!

Magnetic dipole

Nobel prize to a wonder 2D material, discovered with a SCOTCH TAPE.

2D material

Anna Ned

Doing physics.

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