Three types of tasks in which Quantum Computers outperform the classical ones.

Easy problems for classical and quantum computers

Besides no one separated them, there is no theoretical reason why not!

Magnetic dipole

Nobel prize to a wonder 2D material, discovered with a SCOTCH TAPE.

2D material

The Big Bang theory gives an answer.

Looking deeper, more distant stars will be revealed, filling the gaps between the closer stars. So, why is then the night sky dark and not bright?

Nobel Prize winner, imprisoned for political activism, best known for his books covering the entirety of theoretical physics

Incomplete calculations or new unseen physics?

Greek letter mu, a symbol denoting the muon.

How theoretically strong is the Standard Model? What does this discrepancy mean?

Phenomena he was completely wrong about, some of them for life.

Albert Einstein

Retraction of the controversial Nature paper no one talks about outside of the scientific community.

Full and data published in the prestigious journal Nature, claiming they reached a milestone in the research leading to a topological quantum computer

Red and green LEDs already existed for a few decades when the efficient blue LED was invented in 1989.

Blue LEDs

Discovered over 100 years ago, why are they still not good enough?

Electrical resistivity as a function of temperature for an ordinary conductor and a superconductor

Anna Ned

Doing physics.

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