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  • Ian George Walker

    Ian George Walker

  • Ralph Phraner

    Ralph Phraner

  • Juan Meza

    Juan Meza

    Computational mathematician and scientist. I'm also very interested in advancing underrepresented minorities in all sciences. Prof at UC Merced

  • Timothy Man

    Timothy Man

  • Albers Uzila

    Albers Uzila

    Learning to Write, Writing to Learn. Support me on buymeacoffee.com/geoclid

  • Cheryl Gorelick

    Cheryl Gorelick

  • Robert Hacker

    Robert Hacker

    Director StartUP FIU-commercializing research. Entrepreneurship Professor FIU, Ex IAP Instructor MIT. Ex CFO One Laptop per Child. Built billion dollar company

  • Malvika


    Just here to snuggle up with words, but with more of them it feels mesmerizing.

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